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Hello 2018 (Im late xD)

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Hello 2018 (Im late xD)

Post by Hikarichi the Ghost on Wed 10 Jan 2018, 5:54 pm

Oh boy its been a while! I hope everything is ok. How was 2017? Id say neutral because living in darkness sure is hard and screw hurricanes! I hope I didnt miss much for not visiting lately. Do you guys have resolutions or any new topics? I just want to start a year by chatting about random stuff. Im also planning to get a switch for my B-day. Im still busy with work and my instagram posting. I have a schedule on visiting the forum, like...once a month? I dunno .Anyway have a nice day guys xD stay determined (no undertale reference -_-)
Hikarichi the Ghost

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Re: Hello 2018 (Im late xD)

Post by CardboardLuigi on Fri 12 Jan 2018, 3:50 pm

It's been a while, Hikarichi. Nice to see ya again. Very Happy
We post sometimes, though we've been sticking to the Discord for the most part, due to the fact it's instant messaging.
I should really post here more.

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Re: Hello 2018 (Im late xD)

Post by Guy on Sun 14 Jan 2018, 8:23 pm

It's good to hear from you! Hope you've been doing well, despite those nasty hurricane setbacks. I know it's been a while since it has happened, but I'm glad that we can still stay in contact and that I know you're safe. Weather can be really devastating. So it's always good to have that peace of mind and know your pal is safe and healthy.

I didn't have any terrible weather that messed up things or flipped life upside down, but I wasted almost all of my Summer doing nothing but home improvements every weekend after school and work. I didn't really much care for that. I didn't really like that and not being able to spend as much time doing things I really wanted to. It's stuff that had to be done and if and when I ever have this house or another, at least I'll know how to do certain things and also have these projects done and not have to do them in 2018. Of course, there's always something else that needs fixing or whatever.

Like Drew said though, we occasionally hop by here. Mostly it's just the two of us. The others mostly use the discord channel, but we keep this up for those who don't want to join the site. I was hesitant to join to, at first, but it's a lot different and better than I originally thought it would be. So if you or anyone is having their doubts, just give it a try. Worst case is that the setup won't be your cup of tea. Plus it's always good to have more than one place of contact, in case one or the other goes down for whatever reason.

I don't really make new year resolutions. I actually can't remember the last time I did or if I ever bothered to make any to begin with. I usually have plans to do things throughout the year, but it's not something that will happen immediately. For example, I'm going to write more stories/chapters of works of fiction that I've been doing for years...Save up money for certain investments...it's not really stuff that I made a resolution for. More like I'm still working towards those goals throughout the years.

What about you, what were you resolutions or plans?

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Re: Hello 2018 (Im late xD)

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