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2019 Corner

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2019 Corner

Post by Hikarichi the Ghost on Mon 14 Jan 2019, 2:28 am

Greetings, ghostly fuzzy picklers. I feel that 2019 and the years to come might be full of surprises for us Nintendo fans. The reason I wrote this is because I really have a nostalgic moment remembering the old days back on MV. Anyway, the Archiverse is a place where miiverse posts have been recovered (but not everything). I noticed some of the past members of this forum where in the archives though I could not find my profile or drawings (at least I have my post historial safe). I now have a discord but it seems im late xD I'm still making art on instagram (@marley_warrior). I still can't believe I miss the gaming conversations. I'm always busy but on my free time, I make sure to remember things that were awesome. This forum was one of them. It will always be^^ Well, I'll continue jamming on my ukulele, making traditional art and playing alot of Smash Bros Ultimate.
Until someday^^. Happy Gaming.
(I might still be around xD)
Hikarichi the Ghost
Hikarichi the Ghost

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