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College Life (So Far)

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College Life (So Far) Empty College Life (So Far)

Post by ST4NCE on Sun 24 Sep 2017, 5:26 pm

Heyo Everyone! I hope the month has gone well for everyone so far! College has gotten real busy real quick, and I wanted to have a smol catch-up ketchup thread of my life so far before it gets any busier ^ ^;

So far, this college semester has proven to be the best for me! I have adjusted my schedule to be less stressful yet controllable at the same time, unlike last semester which was a total wreck for me physically and mentally. ;v; I had lost a lot of strength, weight, and motivation from last semester, but now it is looking a lot brighter! Some classes are still a struggle for me, like Math and Bio, but I'm trying my best to be more proactive when seeking for help, even though I am quite introverted.

In addition to that, it has only been about 4 weeks since school started but I have made a lot of new friends all at once, more than I ever had in my freshman year! Most of time I am socially shy and stay away from big groups, however I met amazing new friends through something I never expected to make friends by, and that is Competitive Smash Bros. A freshman had just enrolled this semester in my school but he was one of the top Game & Watch players in Maryland, and when I first met him, of course I got rekt by him in Smash bros Laughing But the more I played with him and got to know him, he helped me not only step up my game, but to help build confidence back in myself again. I may not look it, but ever since last semester, I didn't have the same level on confidence that I used to back then. He and my other new friends cheer me on to continue to be the best, and getting this type of feedback from them is making all the droopy feelings fade away and my morale boosted!
In a school tournament, I had made it to 18th place as Mega Man/Sonic, not only because of practice, but because they kept cheering me on as well as the school smash community ^v^ Whenever there is free time, we would always train and have a fun time all together, and all of us is helping each other to get top place in a state-tournament called Xanadu.

I know it might not sound that momentous, playing games and all, but I feel like a whole new person with new-found confidence, and this confidence is helping me get motivated to do art, guitar, study, and the other things I love to do again.
I do hope everyone here is enjoying their time during the school year so far, and if not then worry not! Because I will do my best to cheer you on, just like my friends at school and here too!
Thank you sticking around and reading my somewhat long block o' text! ; v ; But fear not, I have pictures to share as well!

My GameCube controller that I use for Comp. Smash. I put a lil sticker on it to differentiate mines from others UvU
College Life (So Far) Img_3315

My Backpack, skateboard, and notebooks (with some doodles on notes of course!)
College Life (So Far) Img_3314

A GBA emulator that one of my new friends help put on my phone. It has Mum3 only in Japanese, but this will definitely help me practice reading for Japanese class ^v^

College Life (So Far) Photo_10

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College Life (So Far) Empty Re: College Life (So Far)

Post by CardboardLuigi on Sun 24 Sep 2017, 6:51 pm

That's pretty rad, Virgil.
Glad you're having fun in college.
It's almost like the movies.

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College Life (So Far) Empty Re: College Life (So Far)

Post by Zeldyhare on Mon 25 Sep 2017, 6:25 pm

Hello Stance! ^v^ I wanna say, I'm really glad your schedule is working out for you and I'm very glad you are happy and content with it all, I can see that college seems like a doozy and to be organized is a blessing I can imagine, I'm sorry it was a bit too much for you last semester, it's a relief knowing you're feeling better about it all.. seeking help from others when I'm struggling is something I find hard so I commend you for doing so. ^v^

It sounds wonderful that your made so many friends and have gotten to relax more and play games you love! That's amazing that you can go into competitions and even get high up that's something any fan would dream of, you should be proud! >v< It sounds like a blast and something you'll always hold fondly in your heart, times like these, I hope that in all your doing you feel accomplished and great cause that's what's important! ^v^ Getting closer to your dreams and having fun sounds like a dream in itself! VvV Even with a custom controller you'll take on a lot! >vO and even the gear you have looks awesome too, like the adorable Kirby pin! >v< aw and the folder I drew on ;v; and Mum3 looks wicked as well, I'm sure it'll be so fun, I wanna get rolling on learning Japanese too. >v<
In the end I hope you have a lovely time and continue so, and for anyone else here that's going through school years please rest yourself and find time for fun, and you'll  get through it all, you all can do it! >v<

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College Life (So Far) Empty Re: College Life (So Far)

Post by Guy on Mon 25 Sep 2017, 7:52 pm

Hey Stance! College and uni tends to do that to you! I should know...especially mid-September and when October rolls around. That's when things start to get really bumpy. Just hang in there though, you'll do great.

Oh man having a terrible schedule is the worst. When I started my first semester, my pickings for courses were unfortuantely slim. It didn't help that because I transferred over, they made me wait forever until I could register and pick classes. By then most were already taken, so I had gaps of 8 hour sometimes. Since I lived so far away from the campus, I had to stay that entire remainder. It just outright sucked.

I made sure to never have a schedule like that again. I even tried to cram as many classes in on as less days as possible lol. It's great that you're getting a better schedule and feeling better because of it. I can't say my schedule or jobs messed with me on a serious physical or mental level, but it was still a big pain in the butt to juggle all that at once. Keep at it dude!

You probably told me before on Miiverse...but what is your major? Something about computer science? And it's awesome that you were able to find a great community of friends and a smash group. The videos you posted on your Megaman/Sonic fights always seemed pretty great, so it's good that you got your confidence back.

I've been trying to main Dr. Mario unsuccessfully, but oh well the game is late in its life anyway. Also, I'm the 999th best Dr. Mario player in the state of Maryland...actually that seems too high. Better add another thousand to it.

I wish you all the best of luck in your school years. You'll all do great if you do your best! It's nearing the midpoint and this is always the biggest hurdle, but we'll all do fine.

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College Life (So Far) Empty Re: College Life (So Far)

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